Legal notes/Terms and Conditions

Yo Opinion produces online market research alongside its members, who are voluntarily registered on its site, and clients' files.
Once registered, users can earn money/cash without any complications, by simply completing the themed online questionnaires that Yo Opinion provide. Yo Opinion will also recognise the users who refer us to friends and will provide them with a superior chance of participating in additional questionnaires.

The panel is exclusively open to those:
Over the age of 15
With a valid email address

The members who join Yo Opinion must be individual respondents. Yo Opinion will forbid participation from any registered companies or associations.

An individual becomes a member once:
  - they have fully completed the registration form,
  - they have accepted the terms and conditions of Yo Opinion,
  - they have responded to the confirmation email from Yo Opinion.

Yo Opinion reserves the right to accept or refuse the registration of each individual without justification.

The member of the account is recognised by a login address (email address) and password, confirmed by Yo Opinion. Our members unique password provides re-assurance that their account will be kept confidential and can only be accessed by them. The member is solely responsible for the use of their password. The transfer of a login address and password to another member is strictly forbidden.

Generally, members participate actively and regularly in the surveys suggested to them. Participation is not mandatory. Members must answer questions honestly and spontaneously. Members agree to keep products and concepts mentioned in the surveys secret. Members agree to give personal information. Members agree not to share the aforementioned rights and obligations with any third party. The contract is individual and unique; each member may only have one account. Solicitation will be primarily through email. However, should members opt in to be contacted by telephone or mail; they will be contacted to be offered the chance to take part in telephone interviews, focus groups and product tests.

Where the terms and conditions of this charter are broken, Yo Opinion reserves the right to remove access to an account without notifying members. Any cash/money that has been earned will immediately be retained by Yo Opinion. Yo Opinion has tools to:
  - detect incoherent answers,
  - detect the amount of time spent answering a survey,
  - detect members with multiple accounts,
  - detect unethical/unacceptable answers.

The contract will commence from the moment that these terms and conditions are accepted by the member and the account details are verified by Yo Opinion. the account will run for an indeterminate period. Either party may close this account without notice or justification. If an account remains inactive for over a whole year, the account will automatically be closed and any accumulated cash/money will be lost.

In return for subscribing and participating in surveys, members will earn points money. The amount of money that can be earned will be communicated before each survey. Members are likely to earn more money by recommending their friends to set up an account on Yo Opinion. For every new member they refer, Yo Opinion will increase their chances of being selected for future surveys. Money earned on the website can be claimed straight away as long as the sum of money is or over. If a member closes their account, the money that has been earned and not claimed, will be relinquished to Yo Opinion.

Yo Opinion has a database containing information on all of its members. This is to allow Yo Opinion to manage the panellists' accounts and use this information for statistical purposes. Yo Opinion agrees to use technical methods and appropriate organisation to ensure the protection of this data.

Yo Opinion makes a commitment to each participant that it will ensure the utmost confidentiality and therefore maintain the anonymity of each participant online. Indeed, under no pretext whatsoever will Yo Opinion divulge personal information relating to individual participants (such as their e-mail address, postal address, level of income, marital status, etc.) to any third party in any way, shape or form without the participant's explicit consent. In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 concerning Data Processing and Civil Liberties, dated 6 January 1978, the participant shall have the right to gain access to his or her data to correct, complete, update or delete all the information about him/her. Every member can exercise this right by modifying the information on the "My profile page". At the closure of the account the data concerning the member will be confidentially kept for archiving purpose and for the duration of two years.

One or more "cookies" will be saved on the hard drive of each of our member’s computers in order to help manage the Yo Opinion site and for statistical purposes (pages visited, time and date of visits, etc.). The member authorises the creation of these "cookies" and their use of Yo Opinion. The member understands the possibility to reject the creation of "cookies" especially when using Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Yo Opinion strives to keep the Yo Opinion website online at all times, but is under no obligation to achieve this. Yo Opinion can interrupt access to the site at any time for reasons including maintenance and updates. Yo Opinion cannot be held responsible for any consequences to any member or third party due to interruption of the service. Yo Opinion does not offer a personalised assistance service or a hotline; members can refer to the FAQ for information. Yo Opinion may modify the services offered at any time, without notice. Yo Opinion cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to members or third parties caused by the services offered by Yo Opinion.

Members declare and guarantee to completely know and understand the characteristics and constraints of the internet, notably that the transfer of data via the internet is only relatively protected.

Yo Opinion reserves the right to cite information that members explicitly grant access to, for reasons including but not limited to the presentation, promotion, publicity and marketing of the services offered.

Yo Opinion reserves the right to change its services or the terms of these Terms and Conditions at anytime. Yo Opinion strives to inform its members of changes to these Terms and Conditions, and these changes will be communicated via the website.

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